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  • Bringing a warm water supply from inside to outside!
  • Perfect for hosing down pets, cleaning cars, filling paddlings pools,
    holiday properties (washing off wet suits and body boards etc.) and more
  • A standard ‘Hoselock’ type fitting is included with WOW
    Tap so that standard hoses and pressure washers can
    be used.

As a derivative of our extensive product range, we have developed a product designed to make pet care more comfortable for animals, washing down boots or muddy children at any time of year.
All components available via BES Ltd, part code 26806
  • The warm water supply is protected by a fully insulated housing, providing frost free protection in accordance with all current UK water regulations.
  • The Temperature Mixing Valve (TMV) can be adjusted to the desired temperature*.
    * Recommended maximum temperature 48ºC to comply with UK Building Regulations and prevent the risk of scald injuries.
    It is recommended that this product is installed by a professional plumber.
    The TMV and internal plumbing fittings are not supplied with this product

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Installation Guide

1. Locate hot and cold water supply.
2. Connect TVM and service valves as shown in the diagram.
3. Drill 25mm hole in wall and insert sleeve.
4. Connect 15mm pipe to TVM and install double check valve and feed through sleeved hole to the exterior of the property, as shown in the diagram.
5. Connect inlet pipe to 25mm connector.
6. Screw WOW box onto wall.
7. Test and flush the system


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