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As part of a high-profile Environmental Incentive Initiative, United Utilities are insisting that every new water connection from April 2024 must have a flow regulation device as part of a package of water conservation measures.

In other parts of the UK, water management is already being considered as a condition of planning consent particularly South of the M4 corridor and through the West Midlands into East Anglia. 

The maximum rate of flow for any water connection from must be 14 litres a minute or less.

To meet the demand for the management of water supplies, we are delighted to offer two patented and water industry approved (Regulation 4, WRAS, etc.) products that can be installed simply and effectively at any time during the construction period – from over-site to plumbers second fix.

Option 1

is our concentric LoFlo device that is designed to be installed between the water meter and receiving manifold at the site boundary, taking literally seconds to install.

Option 2

is the in-line version of the LoFlo device, this time installed on the consumers side of the internal stop tap at the same time as a property is being plumbed out.

Both versions of LoFlo are designed to be “fit and forget” requiring no maintenance and do not have any impact on water pressures or boiler systems.