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Designed to provide water control and metering for domestic and light commercial properties.
Perfect home for “smart” reading systems = increased range and accessibility

Now supplied with 2 No. universal pipe inserts for either standard PE or barrier pipe, ideal for the DIY installer as these cannot be overtightened!

We are delighted to confirm that as part of the five year product review required by the UK Water Regulators, Groundbreaker3 has yet again demonstrated its all round compliance and is now certified as being suitable for backflow prevention up to fluid category 2.

Certified as being able to withstand temperatures as low as -15C for 3 days!

View Groundbreaker3 WRAS Certificate from March 2016 (PDF)

View Declaration of Compliance (PDF)

For use on:-

  • New Building Projects, lead pipe and water service replacements
  • Water meter location Water services to park homes and caravans


  • Now certified as with check valve – suitable for backflow protection up to fluid category 2
  • Reduce installation times by over 60% compared to “traditional methods”.
  • Accessible for the infirm and handicapped as required by OFWAT the water regulator
  • Quick and easy way of getting water to new homes
  • The perfect platform for direct reading or installation of a “smart” or intelligent meter.
  • Integral control valve (stop cock) before water enters building
  • No need for ‘street furniture’
  • Can be used for brownfield sites, caravan sites and farms.
  • Fully compatible with Protecta-Line & other barrier pipes.
  • Compatibility with “Smart” metering systems
  • Possibility of 2 credits towards Code for Sustainable Homes

   Groundbreaker makes easy work of lead pipe replacements:

  • No digging up floors
  • No reinstatement
  • Efficient repairs
  • No traumas
  • Simple water connections
  • Secure by Design

   Retrospective installation on holiday homes

  • The most sustainable and fairest way to measure and pay for water services used
  • Backflow prevention incorporated
  • Easy access for meter reading and control surfaces

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Specific Product approvals: