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(corrugated pipe not part of product and needs to be bought separately)



SHalloduct is designed to be used where water service pipes are to be laid in a more shallow situation than would otherwise be allowed under Water Regulations.

For example, over reinforced concrete foundations, over other utilities, over streams, culverts etc. Even over tree roots to avoid environmental damage.


  • Compliant with Water Regulation Guidelines
  • SHalloduct provides full pipe insulation* for water services whatever location.
  • Designed for 25mm and 32mm PE pipe (and the barrier pipe equivalent)
  • SHalloduct’s simple two part construction means that it can easily be slid into  a protective outer shell (not supplied)
  • For larger diameter pipes please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
  • To purchase SHalloduct, please see our list of accredited distributors

Click Here download the SHalloduct product flyer.

Compliant with: ISG 9-02-02