Whole site protection against backflow:

Patent No. 2440412

The standard NRv2 is designed as a cost effective way of protecting water services from backflow issues caused by boilers and / or faulty valves in older boundary boxes.

A simple “plug and play” system designed to fit between a water meter and manifold in ANY boundary box, NRv2 ® can either upgrade any backflow protection up to fluid category 3 or remediate failing apparatus in the highway without excavation.

NRv2® can be used with any concentric meter, is quick and simple to install, requiring no special tools or excavations, and at around £5.00 per unit is more than cost effective when comparing the price of replacing a boundary box (£250.00+)

Our new NRv2LoFlo system is a direct derivative of the successful standard product offering all the benefits that are on offer there, but with the added facility of being able to maximise the delivery of water to a property – ensuring that whilst water standards are maintained, no one property can over use the (diminishing) water resources available.

Also for use with equestrian, agricultural or park home situations – essentially anywhere where additional protection against backflow is required within Water Regulations.

NRv2® and NRv2LoFlo are fully approved by WRAS and Kiwa


NRv2® is fully approved by WRAS and Kiwa

Please see also the derivatives and applications for NRv2® below.



Standard NRv2, standard meter port cap with universal hose connector.
Converts every boundary box to a flushing point
– use to wash down after excavations.

With attenuation device fitted:
NRv2 with attenuation device to deliver 9 litres / minute at 2 bar maximum.