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Whilst most water suppliers are moving to “smart” water meters to manage consumer expectations (and bills) there is another smart solution out there with a proven track record of reducing water consumption by at least another 12%.

Installed at the same time as a smart (or traditional) water meter, our patented LoFlo device(s) are simple, yet very effective solution to managing water supplies to new or existing dwellings without any reduction of water pressures or effect on central heating systems.

LoFlo is a derivative of our proven and trusted NRv2 product, designed to manage and regulate the flow of water to a property by means of a “smart” non-return valve, therefore offering “whole site” protection against back-flow and contamination of water mains from internal sources.

Fully approved by accredited test house KIWA for use with potable water, the product is also certified as being able to withstand static water pressures of over 25 bar.

Making this unique product by far the most efficient and cost-effective method of reducing per capita consumption and finding “water neutrality”.

Not forgetting of course that saving water can also save energy and money – with some reports of over £100.00 per property per year being saved – making LoFlo the most efficient system available.