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As has been mentioned several times during the year, water services are again in the headlines, unfortunately with overflows from sewers – essentially due to localised high rainfall – could this be a changing climate I ask?  

There also has been much in the news this year about water shortages – due to the very high temperatures and local demand – again due to a changing climate perhaps? 

Whist we as a company can’t do anything about the former, but we can help mitigate the latter using our LoFlo® water management systems. 

Regular readers of these occasional notes will be aware that our LoFlo® systems can reduce the volume of water to a property by about 30 litres per day – that’s up to 15 litres per person, which given that about 25% of the water delivered is used for heating, it could save around £100.00 a year in energy costs. 

Looking at how we can help reduce water consumption, it requires the collective and inclusive involvement of not only the householder but everyone who might be involved in the supply and management of water, whether that be:- 

  • A Planning Authority setting out terms for a new development. 
  • A developer is building a new dwelling. 
  • Water authorities acting in a responsible manner. 
  • Housing associates & housing stockholders.
  • Kitchen fitters & plumbers when replacing aged apparatus.

Governmental policy documents and “best practice” guidelines all point to the same thing, saving water is not only good for the good for the environment, it also saves energy and saves money. 

For further references, please follow the links below. 

White paperThe recent white paper, ’Approaches to Water Efficiency in New Homes’ has research carried out by House Builder and Developer and case studies looking at implementation of water efficiency products.  https://netmagmedia100.wufoo.com/forms/zs0j4dn1tt9kfw/ 

GOV.UK paper ‘A review of England’s draft regional and water resources management plans.’ Appendix B refers particularly to per capital consumption.  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-review-of-englands-draft-regional-and-water-resources-management-plans/appendix-b-planned-leakage-and-per-capita-consumption-reduction-against-the-environment-act-water-demand-target 


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