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Save water, save the environment – that is the message being promoted by all responsible organisations from DEFRA to Water Companies to environmental agencies; for our part, we are delighted to have been accepted as an affiliate to Waterwise, the independent, not-for-profit organisation which is the UK’s leading authority on water efficiency.

As part of our support for Waterwise, we would request your contribution to one of the two surveys, details as below: –
The first survey for members of the public., aims to understand citizens’ perception of behavior change and water efficiency support needs and preferences. We would appreciate your active support in sharing this survey with your customer group(s), employees and in encouraging them to pass on to their families, friends, and communities

The second survey for practitioners aims to identify actions that the industry can all take to deliver effective and scalable water efficiency engagement to achieve behavior change. Again, we appreciate your active support in sharing this survey with your colleagues across the water industry, both internal and external.

Also, we would appreciate your support in liking, retweeting/ reposting our social media posts and messages (via us @Waterwise Twitter account and Waterwise LinkedIn account) linked to this research project to make them visible to your wider network.

If you have any queries relating to these surveys, you can contact [email protected]