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Welcome to our final newsletter for 2021, at best we can say it has been an “interesting” year, in many ways unique and hopefully won’t be repeated but I’m not holding my breath! 

As I’m sure you will have appreciated, Covid has imposed many different working practices upon us, and I do not think things will ever be the same again! 

After Covid, the next highest item on the list is Climate Change and potential water shortages and our answer to this challenge is our LoFlo device, which is designed to minimise wastage from domestic water services, for further details, please visit our web pages www.groundbreaker.co.uk/products 

Looking to the future, we have several innovative products dealing with water conservation and measurement to be launched in 2022, watch out for further details in our newsletters and web pages. 

Finally, we would wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and healthy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 

Steve Leigh 

Managing Director.