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Groundwork is the Cinderella of the plumbing industry, after all how difficult is it to dig a hole and drop in a pipe? However, poor groundwork can be the cause of leaks and interruptions in supply, and ultimately responsible for much network water wastage.

In this climate of water conservation and leak reduction targets BPEC (British Plumbing Employers Council) have recognised this issue and are launching a new training, accreditation and inspection solution. Groundbreaker are proud to be part of this initiative and have provided technical information for the Meter Housing Installation element of the training.

The course highlights the elements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, relevant to groundwork and ensures contractors have met the minimum competency requirements for entry into WIAPS Approved Contractors Scheme (Groundworker Section).

The knowledge imparted in the programme is also relevant to designers and site managers, who are an integral part of contributing to improved groundwork standards and water conservation targets.

UU (United Utilities) are leading the way in the adoption of this new scheme and are making the Service Pipe and Meter Housing Training a standard requirement for anyone undertaking new installations in their area.

For further information on the Groundworker, Service Pipe and Meter Housing Installation Training contact BPEC at [email protected] or www.bpec.org.uk

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