Groundbreaker® Technical Specifications

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A purpose designed unit for bringing water supplies to a new or existing buildings. With Unique secure by design features.

Now supplied with 2 No. universal pipe inserts for either standard PE or barrier pipe, ideal for the DIY installer as these cannot be overtightened!


500 x 330 x 170mm


25mm dia MDPE

MDPE barrier pipe systems

Plastic covered copper 32mm dia MDPE*, Barrier Pipe systems, Copper pipes*
* Adaptor available

Control Valve:

Standard washer/spindle


Watts Ocean


x2 toggle latches + universal utility key

Pressure Rating:

QA Certified to 12 bar

Water Meter compatible type:

All concentric types

  • Thermal conductivity < 0.025 W/mK
  • Certified by WRc as exceeding WIS 4-37-01 (-15C for 5 days when installed correctly)
  • Water absorption < 0.1% by volume
  • Includes 50% recycled polystyrene
  • Injection moulded in 100% reprocessed polypropylene
  • UV stabilised
  • Impact resistant
  • 50+ year design life
Tools required:

Drill, 7mm masonry bit, screwdriver (Philips type)

Additional Features

  • Compliant with ‘Secure by Design’ criteria
  • Compliant with Building Regulations Parts L and  M
  • Within PPG3 Planning Guidelines
  • Compliant with Radon alleviation designs
  • Ideal for use on Brownfield redevelopment sites/contaminated land
  • Adaptor available for: Link to 3/4 inch BSP thread (standard plumbing fitting). Allows connections to hosepipes etc.
  • Water control easily available above ground
  • Water control at the point of delivery
  • Ideal for independent water management
  • Landlords supply
  • Bib Tap housing

Specific Product approvals: