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Now available from BES ltd, part code 22300
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Now with multiple outlet options – See Technical Specifications Page

Firebreaker is a new control system for domestic fire sprinkler systems, providing safe, accessible, insulated controls yet within a tiny footprint compared with traditional water storage tanks.

Designed to be used on either new build projects or retrospectively installed on residential homes, Firebreaker offers a cost effective solution to any type of sprinkler system installed.

Firebreaker is the only product that can provide safe and secure access to fire sprinkler controls OUTSIDE of a building, effectively the “Fireman’s switch” for water supplies to sprinklers.

Drawing from the “secure by design” features of its sister product, Groundbreaker, Firebreaker offers a single, accessible control surfaces for operation by either fire services in an emergency or for easy maintenance as required.

Click on the link below to see the official statement of the UK water industry on sprinkler systems …
Download the PDF

As required by Law in Wales and various legislation in other parts of the UK, Fire Sprinklers can save lives.

Firebreaker is another innovative product from Groundbreaker Systems.

Firebreaker Systems are an associate member of Bafsa


Please note: Every fire sprinkler installation is a “notifiable event” under Water Fittings Regulations and your local water company should be consulted prior to the commencement of a scheme.