• Groundbreaker is probably the only truly SUSTAINABLE water management system, not only does it cut out joints in PE pipe which are the biggest source of leakage on modern pipes.
  • For the smarter home.
  • The control valve and water meter are located at the point of delivery and are very easy to operate and read respectively instead of having to grovel around in the public footpath as would be the case with “traditional” systems.

50+ year design life

  • Designed with a working life of over 50 years, our product range is made of UV stabilised materials and capable of resisting direct sunshine and temperature up to about 50C as standard.

Carbon Saving:

Fact: it takes about 1.2Kg of Carbon to clean water for human consumption and to return it safely to the environment, on average that costs each householder about £3.00 on their water bills, therefore to save water saves money too.

Groundbreaker offers the home owner / occupier the opportunity to read their water meter easily and safely without the need work in the footpath.

Smart system

  • For “Smart Meter” reading, Groundbreaker offers the most efficient platform possible, in that the range of such meters installed in Groundbreaker is at least 10x great than anything located underground, making reading systems even more efficient.

Going Grey to be Green

  • Groundbreaker is probably the only water management system using recycled materials in its fabrication.
  • We  now use 100% reprocessed polypropylene for the shells of our Groundbreaker & INSUduct product ranges, making them a truly “green” product even if they are coloured brown to blend in with most brick colours.
  • Further detail is available from our chosen manufacturing base at Rutland Plastics, follow the link for more information – Green Plastics
  • The insulation inside our product range will be a light grey colour as we incorporate graphite into our manufacturing processes, this improves the thermal resistivity values of the insulation, making it more efficient than “conventional” products and even more effective in providing passive frost protection to water services.
  • The manufacturing process requires a specific volume of virgin material to ensure that the “bonding” between molecules takes place effectively, without which the product would decompose and lose its insulation properties. In addition to recycling polystyrene,
  • In recognising that not only do recycled materials need to be used creatively, we have rationalised the manufacturing processes of Groundbreaker & INSUduct to cut down the cycle time in the manufacturing process, leading to up to 10% saving in the energy needed to manufacture the products. For more information, please contact us through the channels shown.