Safe, secure and accessible location for water meter and controls

Facilitates the best possible signal from a “smart meter”

Fully approved by Water Regulations and capable of resisting temperatures as low as -15C for 3 days

Quick and easy to install at any time of construction

Compliant with HBF best practice guide on water meter location.



In effect the “fireman’s switch” to control water services to domestic and residential sprinkler systems.

Benefits from same “secure by design” criteria as Groundbreaker.

Tiny “footprint” compared to traditional solutions.

Interface with all sprinkler system types.

Compliant with HBF best practice guide on accessibility of control surfaces.

Compliant with water industry guidelines on sprinklers.



Thermal protection to water services to BS5422

Ideal for water service renewal and replacements (lead pipes)

Can “climb” to any height.

25 or 32mm PE pipe capability as standard



Thermal protection for water pipes to BS5422

For water pipes laid in a shallow situation (less than 750mm deep)

Ideal for use over obstructions, ditches, tree roots, etc.

Also used to insulate pipe through walls (Building Regulation Part C 5.2)



Entrapped check valve to provide whole site protection against back flow up to fluid category 3.

Ideal for remedial work to failing boundary boxes – without excavation.


NRv2 LoFlo:

As NRv2 but with the facility to maximise water supplies – ideal for drought affected areas


Tap Wrap:

Thermal sleeve to protect water meters, garden taps, etc. from frost.