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In this latest newsletter, we are taking the opportunity to distribute an article which was recently published in the Housing Association Magazine and other trade papers. 

As you will see, the article covers the work currently being undertaken by many water companies and landlords to replace potentially dangerous lead water service pipes without having to enter properties. 

With the Welsh Assembly making it mandatory to replace lead water pipes, Welsh Water / Dwr Cymru are offering free lead pipe replacements, many other water companies offering either free or substantially discounted rates for such work, it must surely be sensible for housing stockholders to take advantage of this opportunity. 

As will be seen from the various “how to” video’s available via the Groundbreaker web site, replacing an old lead water service can be “Child’s Play”. 

For further information and details on how to progress a lead pipe replacement programme, why not consult with your local water company? 

Please Click Here to see the editorial directly.