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Safe working practices are especially important under current circumstances – but protecting the water supply is also critical.

Common current practice means staff are prevented from entering customers’ properties.  This means inspections, where a possible infringement of Water Regulations has been reported, cannot be carried out.

To protect the network, until such time as Water Company staff can resume normal practice, an NRv2 or NRv2LoFlo, fitted at the boundary, can be installed without entry to customers properties, or even contact with customers.

The NRv2 range provides immediate whole site protection against back flow up to fluid category 3 – securing public water services from “blue water” back flow situations or another other potential risk from poor plumbing.

The system also remedies failing boundary boxes at minimal cost – this is where the alarm in the smart meter installed in older meter enclosures flags up a back-flow problem.  The simple installation of a functioning check valve eliminates the great expense (and time) of digging out the boundary box.

Our NRv2 and NRv2LoFlo products as shown below meet all the defined criteria and are used extensively across the whole of the UK water supply network – whether that be North of Scotland or the Channel Islands.

Steve Leigh is a Fellow of the Institute of Water and Managing Director of Groundbreaker Systems, and was winner of the Home Builder Federation’s “Utility Individual of the Year for 2016”

Additionally, Groundbreaker Systems won the HBF’s ‘Utility of the Year’ in 2018.