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It is now established that the UK water industry accepts that up to 25% of treated water leaks from its water mains and services every year, this equates to 120 TONNES of carbon which is valued at around £M9.5 per DAY!, all of which invariably has to be borne by the consumer in their bills.

About a quarter of this leakage emanates from (unmeasured) private water service pipes (source: Society for the Environment). It is clear that the installation of “old technology” such as stop taps, valves and meters in the footpath is the last thing that the water industry should be doing – especially when a joint can cost the same as up to 40m of PE pipe.

Our Groundbreaker water management system sweeps away “old technology” by offering a simple, straightforward, joint free water management system, which leaves the controls and water meter accessible for the home owner and utility provider.
The practice is supported, in the form of a joint statement by the Water UK / Home Builders Federation saying that all (new) water services, should be without joints (joints leak), with water meters above ground to facilitate smarter homes and other benefits.

Fully compliant with Water Industry Standards and Regulations, Groundbreaker is accepted across the UK, and designs out potential sources of leakage as well as street furniture, for further information, please browse our website or call 01379 741993.