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Water metering is now generally accepted as being the best and fairest way of measuring consumption and identifying wastage – given that a smart meter requires a good “signal” to operate effectively, the traditional hole in the ground is by far the worst possible position to locate it, with a range of as little as 2m.

When you compare this with the potential range of a smart water meter in a surface mounted box of over 2,000m by line of sight, the argument for apparatus underground just doesn’t stack up, just look at gas and electricity meter boxes, both of which are now well out of the ground.

The ultimate goal of such action would be to ensure that the “home hub” in the smarter home is available to interface with other smart apparatus – managing and reporting on energy usage, opening the way for multi utility (Gas, Electricity AND Water) services – which could cut consumer charges.

Surface mounted meter enclosures such as Groundbreaker, offer by far the best solution for both smart water management and accessibility for the consumer.

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