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Designed to provide water control and metering for domestic and light commercial properties.
Perfect home for “smart” reading systems = increased range and accessibility

Now supplied with 2 No. universal pipe inserts for either standard PE or barrier pipe, ideal for the DIY installer as these cannot be overtightened!


For use on:-

  • New Building Projects, lead pipe and water service replacements
  • Water meter location Water services to park homes and caravans


  • Reduce installation times by over 60% compared to “traditional methods”.
  • Accessible for the infirm and handicapped as required by OFWAT the water regulator
  • Quick and easy way of getting water to new homes
  • The perfect platform for direct reading or installation of a “smart” or intelligent meter.
  • Integral control valve (stop cock) before water enters building
  • No need for ‘street furniture’
  • Can be used for brownfield sites, caravan sites and farms.
  • Fully compatible with Protecta-Line & other barrier pipes.
  • Compatibility with “Smart” metering systems
  • Possibility of 2 credits towards Code for Sustainable Homes

   Groundbreaker makes easy work of lead pipe replacements:

  • No digging up floors
  • No reinstatement
  • Efficient repairs
  • No traumas
  • Simple water connections
  • Secure by Design

   Retrospective installation on holiday homes

  • The most sustainable and fairest way to measure and pay for water services used
  • Backflow prevention incorporated
  • Easy access for meter reading and control surfaces

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