Industry Interview with Jo Parker MBE

Groundbreaker is delighted to talk to Jo Parker MBE, an independent consultant specialising in the management of water mains and a Chartered Civil Engineer who has worked in the water industry for 40 years.  We asked Jo… 1) Where do you think the water industry will be in say 20 years time? As much of […]

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Industry Interview with Nigel Martin

Groundbreaker talks to Wessex Water’s supply operations General Manager Nigel Martin for his thoughts on key areas within the water industry in general  1 Wessex Water is investing heavily into a new “water grid” – what are your thoughts on trying to design out potential leak paths in new water supply schemes too? The water […]

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Sheffield University conducts groundwater research

A recent study by engineers at the University of Sheffield has shown that, as a result of leaking water pipes, potentially harmful contaminants can find their way into the drinking water supply. It had been assumed that only clean water from leaks would make its way back into the supply due to the pressure into […]

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