Safer water supplies

As most water companies move towards the installation of smart water meters, there have been serious maintenance issues discovered with what is known as the “boundary box” or stop valve for the water supply to a property. The problem is, that the seal to the check valve in the boundary box may have perished since […]

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Leakage Reduction

The New Year has started with a number of major challenges for the UK Water Industry:- Leakage Reduction Diminishing resources Challenges to water trading – Non Domestic water supply competition Domestic water supply competition by 2020. And now 1,000,000 new homes by 2020? As published by many water companies already, the need to conserve water […]

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Industry Interview with Rod Porteous

In the Spring 2016 issue of Groundbreaking News we talked to Rod Porteous, Engineering Director of Portsmouth Water, on how he sees the water industry developing in next few years… 1. What do you see as the greatest issue facing the UK water industry in the next few years? I believe we have three significant […]

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Groundbreaker3 has yet again demonstrated its all round compliance

Groundbreaker3 – new approvals and certification: We are delighted to announce the re-approval of the updated and higher specified Groundbreaker3. Not only is Groundbreaker proven to resist temperatures as low as -15C for 72 hours, but is now perhaps the only product certified as proven to offer full back flow protection up to fluid category […]

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Industry Interview with Colin Taylor

In the Winter issue of the Groundbreaker Newsletter we talked to Colin Taylor, Managing Director of Domestic Sprinklers Limited for his thoughts on the impact of Welsh legislation, direct feed sprinkler systems and technological changes affecting sprinklers in the future 1. Sprinklers are proven to save lives, can you see them becoming the norm across […]

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